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Über unsere Lustigen Socken

''We are two friends that are intrigued by adventure and individualism. Our company creates unique MiteesSocks that stand out with its uncommonness and our goal is to grow the MiteeSocks family, therefore We DARE you to join our family of unique individuals and redefine the way people perceive socks“

0.1 About Mitees

The founders of MiteeSocks Brendan Tolsma & Noro Dallakyanshare the same passion for funky looking socks but realized something about the socks was missing. The thing is, there are many funky-looking socks, but they hardly have a meaning. As a result the founders of MiteesSocks decided to turn their socks into a topic of conversation by connecting a story or a situation to the socks that we all can associate with.

0.2 Our Vision

MiteeSocks represents the simple vision of providing members of the MiteeSocks family with socks of outstanding quality and meaningful design. In other words, we believe in three competencies that set us apart from our competitors. More about our Funny Socks now.

0.3 Sustainability and Quality

We produce our socks with the highest needle count on the market therefore providing a comfortable and durable fit.

Our packaging is of 100% recycled cardboard.

Our socks are produced ethically by our partner manufacturer in The Netherlands.

0.4 Homemade Designs

Creative and meaningful designs by our talented designers.

Our designs are made from original hand illustrations by made in our own house. We always use trendy colors that match our brand and philosophy

0.5 Meaningful Message

We share a story of a situation we canall associate to.

Our socks create a topic of conversation..

The dress and crew socks stand for uncommonness and and self-expression..

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